Cisco WebEX - Video-Conferencing, Presentations and Remote Meetings

We use Cisco WebEX for Video-Conferences, Presentations and Remote Meetings.

It is the most secure application on the market today and it can be used on your PC, MAC or smart-phone.


March 29, 2020.
During this COVID-19 crises, Electraphysics has temporarily shifted to our online video-conference/meeting system for your convenience and health safety.
If you have not used this system before, it is easy to use and a popular choice for communication with some of our international clientele.  An app can be downloaded to your Mobile Phone or PC.
Access meetings from the comfort of your home, company, holiday or while on commute.
For full-scale or detailed presentation from Electraphysics or from your organization, it is ideal to use WebEx on a PC for higher granularity.
Electraphysics will continue to use our PSTN conference lines for voice-based conferences.