Incoming/Outgoing Fund Transfer Processing

Outgoing Transfers ( MNLSH --->  You)

To redeem funds from your MNLSH account.  A request for redemption must be made online to MNLSH through our systems during the first three weeks of the current month.

Funds are transferred to your bank during the first week of the next month.  Our transfer times are consistent.  

However, transfer times may vary by your bank, they may have different policies on release of funds after a wire or local bank transfer.  

Check with your bank.  Generally, the first transfer is held a bit longer and all subsequent transfers are processed quickly.  This is usually a normal procedure for Anti-Money-Laundering compliance (AML).

Incoming Transfers ( You --> MNLSH)

Incoming funds are processed during the first three weeks of the current month.  

MNLSH does not begin to manage them until the next month.  

It is in your best interest to transfer funds, early in this three week window to offset unexpected delays and inefficiencies in the general banking system.  

If you miss the three week window, these funds can not be managed by MNLSH the next month.  

Lack of planning in your fund transfer can pose inflationary and opportunity risk, as these funds may sit idle and are not put to work during the period of waiting before MNLSH management.

If you plan fund transfer properly, cash idle time can be brought down to as low as one week.

Note:  Idle cash in our systems may not collect interest.