Requirements for Members and Funds.

Requirements for Members and Funds
Electraphysics only accepts members that are:
  •     Portfolio Managers.      
  •     Funds (Pension, Mutual, Exchange-Traded, Venture Capital and Hedge Funds).      
  •     UHWNIs with qualified Portfolio Manager(s) and/or Financial Advisor(s).
The portfolio manager or fund must be regulated under one of the following:

  •     US SEC (United States)      
  •     CFTC (United States)      
  •     FINRA (United States)      
  •     IIROC (Canada)      
  •     FINMA (Switzerland)      
  •     SBA (Switzerland)      
  •     FCA (United Kingdom)      
  •     SFC (Hong Kong)      
  •     CRFin (Russia)      
  •     ASIC (Australia)      
  •     CySEC (Cypress)      
  •     DFSA (Dubai)      
  •     CECEI (France)      
  •     BaFin (Germany)      
  •     BSE (India)      
  •     MAS (Singapore)      
  •     SPK (Turkey)      
  •     ASF (Romania)      
  •     FMA (New Zealand)      
  •     FSA (Japan)      
  •     HFSA (Hungary)
For more information, contact member services.